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Vibrant to transform Bettendorf branch into new coffeehouse location

Vibrant Credit Union in Bettendorf is getting a makeover.

Starting June 2, 2023, the credit union located at 3230 Ridge Pointe will close to undergo renovations to convert the building from a credit union branch to Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen, like the retail model at its Moline headquarters that offers banking services alongside coffee and energy drinks and a food menu.

Vibrant named among top 50 "Best Credit Unions to Work for"

Vibrant ranked #41 on American Banker's survey of the Best Credit Unions to Work for. 

Winners were chosen based on two employee surveys asking their assessment of their employer's leadership and planning, corporate culture, communication, and overall engagement.

Vibrant cooks up new business with Moline coffeehouse and kitchen

The 87-year-old, Moline-based institution is brewing up new business, with the stylish, rustic Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen, now open next to the Vibrant headquarters at 6600 44th Ave., Moline.

92% of employees say Vibrant is a "Great Place to Work®"

All Vibrant branches and our corporate headquarters will be closed for an all-staff meeting. You'll still be able to bank online or at one of our ATMs.

Vibrant shows off more images of updated arena

Moline-based Vibrant Credit Union shared some additional images that were introduced at Thursday’s announcement of the renaming of the TaxSlayer Center to Vibrant Arena at The MARK effective Sept. 1.

All-Staff Meeting

This summer, Vibrant begins construction at its Bettendorf branch to create something new—a convenient place to do your banking that is also a full-service restaurant.

Investing in and developing people leaders at Vibrant

In Gallup's Called to Coach webcast, Jon Sexton (senior vice president of culture and leadership development), VP of corporate services Jennie Powless, retail sales director Lola Williams, and branch manager Jane Evans talk about Vibrant's leadership development training and how it's helped them grow in their careers.

Introducing Vibrant Arena at The Mark

As of September 1, 2022, Vibrant becomes the first local company to hold naming rights to the Quad Cities' top destination for sports and entertainment.

New HQ captures Vibrant Credit Union’s culture

Vibrant's new corporate headquarters, located in a former Sam's Club building, is "by far the coolest building I've ever worked on," Russell Construction project manager Sarah Perkins told the Quad Cities Regional Business Journal.  “Most banking facilities feel very banking-like … this one has an overall collaborative feeling.” 

Quad-City Times: Art creates good vibes

A Quad Cities artist is creating custom murals at Vibrant branches across the region.

CU Times: Vibrant PPP loan lending supports businesses

The credit union originated more than $200 million in PPP loans for companies across the United States. 


Will a checking account affect your credit score?

Opening a checking account is a big deal for a lot of people. Suddenly, you have a place to put your money besides your wallet, your piggy bank, or under your mattress. But what does a checking account mean for your credit? It may not be as important as you might think, but knowing what does and does not affect your credit score can be helpful as you start to build your credit history from scratch.

Understanding why interest rates change

Interest rates are interesting. See what we did there? Word play is fun. Interest rates? Maybe not so much. Like we said, interesting is a more appropriate descriptor. They can often be an obstacle when you’re trying to get approved for a loan. Everyone wants a lower interest rate, but not every lender is willing to offer one. In most cases, lenders will use your credit history to determine your interest rate, but there are outside influences that can also affect interest rates.

5 reasons to take your business banking to a credit union

Any business is only as good as their relationships. Not only with their customers, but also with their financial institution. Whether you’re an established company or a start-up, finding the right financial partner is a key step in growing and maintaining your business. And if you’ve already picked a partner, it might be worth taking a closer look at that relationship, especially if it’s a bank. You might not know what benefits a credit union can offer your business.

5 banking careers for people who didn't major in finance

What’s your ideal work environment? Is it a place that offers a good salary, meaningful assignments early in your career, and the opportunity to progress up the ladder quickly? If so, it’s hard to imagine a better fit than banking.

Understanding recent bank failures and what they mean for you

With the back-to-back-to-back failures of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank, followed by widespread turmoil in the financial markets, it's only natural to wonder whether your own money is safe where it is.

Your Guide to a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

If you’re a homeowner in need of extra cash, you may be able to obtain a home equity line of credit (HELOC). Many people use this financing alternative to fund home improvement projects or other major expenses. Learn what a HELOC is and how to get one.

Is a Certificate of Deposit (CD) right for you?

You shouldn’t expect to become fabulously wealthy by opening a Certificate of Deposit (CD). But if you’re looking for a safe place to earn a guaranteed return on your savings, right now is a great time to consider adding a CD to your financial portfolio. With interest rates rising, many CDs are paying the highest rates consumers have seen in more than 20 years.

Why Vibrant is turning its Bettendorf branch into a coffeehouse

In late 2023, following the kind of light remodeling it takes to transform a credit union into a full-service restaurant, Vibrant will reopen its Bettendorf branch as the newest location of Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen.

What to Do if Your Personal Data Is Compromised

If your personal or financial information has not yet been compromised by a data breach, count yourself lucky. In 2022, Statista reports there were 1,800 data breaches reported in the United States, everywhere from Twitter to Uber to the credit reporting agency Experian.

4 Tips for Better Money Management

Have high prices got you looking for ways to stretch your dollars? We’re sharing our money management best practices to help you stretch your dollars, create an inflation-proof budget, and increase your savings. Discover how you can manage your money wisely in any economy.

Protect yourself from smishing

“Smishing” sounds cute, right? Like what you do when someone lets you hold their new baby or when your grandma envelops you in a big hug. But it's actually the name cybersecurity experts have given text-based frauds. (“SMS” and “phishing” equals “smishing.” Get it?)

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