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Get 7 times higher with us

Earn 4.50% APY* on your savings balance up to $15,000 with Preferred Savings—that's more than 7 times the national average.** 

Imagine a savings account that grows as fast as your 401(k) 

No minimum balance requirements. No monthly fees. We must be high. 

Earn money like

you're Elon

Get the same rate we pay our million-dollar depositors with the very first $5 you deposit.

Build your

savings fast

You'll actually notice your balance rising with each monthly dividend you receive.

Maximize your savings without sacrificing flexibility

Even though you’ll earn interest comparable to a high-yield CD, you can make a withdrawal at any time with no penalty. 

“Give it to me straight—are your rates really 7x higher?” 

Actually, they’re higher than that. Right now, the average U.S. savings account pays 0.58% APY*—and chances are good your current savings account is paying much, much less.  With Preferred Savings, you’ll be earning 7.75 times more interest than average. 

Average daily balance
$0 –$14,999.99
*APY = "Annual Percentage Yield." APYs accurate as of February 1, 2024. Preferred Savings is a tiered account; the specified Dividend Rate for a tier will apply only to the portion of the account balance that is within that tier. $5 Membership Share account required. Federally insured by NCUA. 
**As of January 26, 2024, reports the average U.S. savings account interest rate is 0.58% APY.
Preferred Savings
Rates as of February 1, 2024
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