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Vibrant Professional Development Program

Learn the fundamentals of business in preparation to a career anywhere in our organization.

We're looking for ...

Not satisfied with your current opportunities? Good news—here it doesn't matter what your major is. We'll introduce you to roles throughout our organization—from marketing to management to data analysis—to help you find a career that's a great fit.

New & recent graduates

Get hands-on experience bringing new brands to life within the Vibrant family. Our 1-year program introduces you to the business functions integral to establishing and growing a new organization and prepares you to lead.

Aspiring entrepreneurs

Looking for a more fulfilling career? Accelerate your transition by exploring roles across our organization that build on your previous experience and skills—and position you to move up the ladder fast.

Career switchers

Where will you path lead?

Vibrant HQ

Moline, IL

Phase One

Marketing Rotation

Discover how to attract new customers and build better relationships with the people who already do business with you. You'll develop a deep understanding of Vibrant's brand and put it to work developing and executing social media strategies, special events, and multimedia promotions.  

Learn the brand.

Vibrant HQ Moline, IL

Phase Two

Coffeehouse Rotation

Don't worry if you don't know anything about making coffee—you'll focus on what happens behind the scenes, taking on duties like inventory management, roasted coffee distribution, and new location setup. By the end of your rotation, you'll be ready to take on challenges like choosing the right product mix and managing inventory across multiple locations.

Embrace innovation.

Vibrant HQ

Moline, IL

Phase Three

Sales Analytics Rotation

Join our Sales Analytics team to take a closer look at macro-level consumer behavior via the Vibrant Card, loyalty program, and Vibrant app. You'll leverage the information you find to identify future product marketing initiatives and to identify different ways to target specific regions and demographics. You'll also help develop strategies to build awareness of our products and increase usage.

Analyze the metrics.

Ongoing Professional Development

Throughout the program, you'll build strong relationships with your cohort, company leaders, and other industry professional at Vibrant events and around the Quad Cities. You'll also work on understanding your unique strengths and interests and have the opportunity to explore in the functions that interest you the most.


What's in it for you

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