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Our values make us Vibrant

We didn’t set out to write a manifesto about our organizational values. We just wanted to answer a simple question: Why do some people thrive at Vibrant, while others (equally qualified on paper!) don’t? 

The more we talked with the people who’d been here the longest or risen the fastest, however, the more we noticed a few qualities we all share. If you share them, too, let’s talk.

They're in our core.

  • In other words, we think a job description is just a starting point. When we see a member who needs help or a stressed-out coworker, we step in. When we see a better way to accomplish something, we try it out. If it works, we tell other people about it.

  • We’re not afraid to speak up when we have a different opinion, and we don’t take it personally when we’re challenged. We try to be honest with each other when we disagree. Because those differences of opinion make us stronger.

  • Here’s what that looks like in action. After the Payroll Protection Program launched, our bankers worked through the weekend, fuelled by pizza deliveries and coffee, to respond to all the businesses who turned to us for help. We eventually processed more than $200 million in loans and helped save more than 21,000 jobs.

  • When you’re excited about the work you do, other people can't help but get a little excited themselves. That doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert to work here. You just have to care about getting things right.

  • We are mindful of all the stakeholders affected by our decisions, from our members and our communities to our colleagues and ourselves.


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